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About OPEN

Our mission


OPEN is the Expertise Centre for Accessible Media and Culture of the University of Antwerp. We aim to raise the visibility of accessibility in all its facets and contribute to the realisation of an inclusive society. OPEN wants to increase social inclusion, so that everyone can enjoy user-friendly and qualitative media services and cultural events and stimulates innovation, professionalisation and knowledge transfer in this domain. We plan to do this by being a point of contact for everyone who has questions about accessibility and by stimulating the exchange of experience and knowledge on accessibility in the media and cultural domains. 

We are still working on the English version of our website, but all information on international activities, such as the OPEN Forum, are available in English. An English overview of our activities is provided below. For more information in English on our research activities, you can also visit the website of our research group TricS or contact us at open@uantwerpen.be

Who are we?

OPEN is an initiative of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Antwerp in Belgium. The OPEN Team consists of:

  • Em. prof. dr. Aline Remael (researcher and professor audiovisual translation and media accessibility)
  • Dr. Nina Reviers (researcher and professoraudiovisual translation and media accessibility)
  • Dr. Sabien Hanoulle (researcher and senior lecturer)
  • Brecht Daneels (collaborator)
  • Paula Gruppelaar (collaborator)

What do we do?

OPEN collaborates in research activities of the TricS Research Group (Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies), such as:

  • ACT: Accessible Culture and Training
  • ADLAB PRO: Audio Description - A laboratory for the development of a new professional profile
  • ILSA: Interlingual Live subtitling for Access
  • UFOO-T: live-subtitling for accessible training, in collaboration with the University’s Fund for Educational Development.

OPEN works together with its partners to set op research and demonstration projects, such as:

  • An inclusive approach to making fine arts accessible: a pilot study on the state of the art and innovative potential in Flanders (in cooperation with the Cultural Department of the University of Antwerp)
  • The (semi-)automatic translation of audio descriptions: an exploratory study of the possibilities and challenges (in cooperation with the research group CLiPS - Computational Linguistics & Psycholinguistics). 
  • Integrated Cultural Access: exploring collaborative approaches to surtitling and audio description in the scenic arts (in collaboration with Max Greyson)

OPEN consults organisations and institutions about media and cultural accessibility, through our website www.opentoegankelijk.be and by offering advise “made-to-measure”.

OPEN organises academic and vocational training sessions on audio description, (live-) subtitling and subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing, such as:

  • Workshop on audio description for the theater, in collaboration with dr. Louise Fryer (Utopian Voices, UK).
  • Workshop on audio description for screen, in collaboration with dr. Gert Vercauteren (University of Antwerp, BE).
  • Workshop Accessibility Management (in collaboration with Inter - the Flemish Agency for Accessibility, BE).
  • Workshops “made to measure” for industry partners on audio description and live-subtitling.

OPEN organises seminars and events to stimulate knowledge transfer in the fast-changing field of media and cultural accessibility, such as the OPEN Forum.